The Southern Nevada Child Drowning Prevention Coalition (SNCDPC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing Southern Nevada’s high child drowning rate.  On average, 8 children have drowned each year in Southern Nevada since the year 2000.  The majority of drowning victims were 4-years-old or younger and the majority of the incidents occurred in residential swimming pools.

SNCDPC’s goal is to educate citizens about the dangers bodies of waters pose to young children – in particular children 4-years-old or younger – in order to ensure a safe environment for Southern Nevadans of all ages.


  • 37 Total Submersions (includes near drownings and drowning fatalities)
  • 5 Fatal Submersion Incidents (80% of the 5 victims were 4 years of age or younger, 100% were male, 100% were Hispanic, 60% of the fatalities occurred in residential pools)
  • 32 Non-Fatal Submersion Incidents (91% of the victims were 4 years of age or younger, 72% were male, 60% occurred in residential pools, 31% in public pools, 9% in bathtubs)

(Source:  Southern Nevada Health District. Click here to learn about SNHD’s submersion data collection process. Click here to learn more about Southern Nevada’s annual drowning statistics.)

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